LYNG Group



The LYNG GROUP history dates back more than 60 years, when founder Bjørn Lyng expanded his smithy to an iron foundery in Vanvikan Norway, making the first electricity in the area from a waterfall.

His long line of successful businesses include more than 25 different companies still operating today.

The legacy has been continued by his son Ragnar Lyng, Chairman and main Shareholder since 1988.

Lyng Group history:

1945 Bjørn Lyng starts as black-smith
1948 Bjørn Lyng Mekaniske Verksted, Iron Foundery
19xx Trøndelag Emaljeverk, wood stowes
1961 Leksvikarmatur AS, water taps
1968 Lyng Industrier AS, plastic pipes ABS and PVC
1970 Lyng Lycro AS, plastic tools, maschines and injection molding
1979 Elsafe International AS, electronic hotel safes
1982 Folla Industrier AS, CTMP paper pulp
1982 Folla Bruk AS, forrestry
1984 Lyng Drilling AS, PDC drilling bits for oil drilling
1985 Lyng Elektronikk AS, electronics devellopment and assembly
1986 Lyng Triangel AS, farming equipment
1987 Anfi del Mar SA, tourist resort Gran Canaria
1990 Trønder Regnskap & Data AS, accounting and IT services
1997 Anfi Tauro SA, golf resort Gran Canaria
1997 Cinclus Eiendom AS, real estate
1999 Lyng Motor AS, electric motors and valve atuators ELTORQUE
2001 Aqualyng AS, desalination of sea water
2005 Ursus Eiendom AS, retail and industrial parks
2005 Lyng Composite AS, composites engineering and manufactoring
2006 Fosen Yards AS, ship building
2008 Lyng Protech AS, steel products